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WHOLE2Pants—a whole new world to explore! After mastering the arts of the skirt and the dress, the next in line to conquer is the wide variety of pants types! You’ve probably heard of the basics—the BOOTCUT, SKINNY JEAN, STRAIGHT LEG, and so on—but in this day and age, the family has grown to an impressive array of trousers to choose from. This list is long compared to our previous All-About articles, so tighten your belt and get ready to jump in!


Possibly the most fundamental style of jeans, STRAIGHT leg jeans are simple in design. They’re cut straight down the leg with a mid-rise around the waist (though this can vary!).





These have become another basic style of pants. The cut is fitted around the thighs and slightly flares out towards the bottom. They are a very chic style of trouser.

If you’re curious where the term “BOOTCUT” comes from, it comes from the fact that the slight flare at the bottom of the pants leaves a comfortable amount of room to wear boots!




SKINNY jeans surged in popularity in the last ten years and have continued!

Their design is cut close to the leg and narrows to fit snug around the ankle.






A bit similar to the BOOTCUT, WIDE LEG jeans take the meaning of wide to the next step! They are cut looser in the thigh and the flare begins at the waist instead of the knee. They gradually widen outward down to the hem at the ankle.





BERMUDA pants are a specific design that is always worn short. Worn by both genders, BERMUDA shorts can be recognized for their leg hem that usually ends just above the knee.

If you’re making yourself a pair, these can have hemmed cuffs or not and should fall just about an inch above your knee!





BUSH pants are one of many known for being extremely comfortable! They are cut with a loose and straight leg and have large pockets on both sides.






A casual-style trouser that is cut snug down the thigh and can flare a bit towards the hem. These pants usually fall between the knee and mid-calf.







These pants style are good for outdoor activities like hiking and camping! Their loose and straight fit keeps your comfortable, they have big cargo pockets for close-hand storage, and they’re made with durable material.

More stylish designs for CARGO pants can also be great if you’re someone who’s on the go a lot! Put those pockets to good use!





CARPENTER pants are more of a full-body article of clothing and are usually worn as protective clothing when working, but modern styles have been adapting them for casual and everyday fashion!






These trousers are styled with a smart look! They have a straight cut to the leg and most often sport a low-rise waist. These are best made with cotton twill or other fabrics that don’t stretch easily—their appeal is in the shape of their crisp cut!






CIGARETTE pants are narrow and straight with a design that falls somewhere between STRAIGHT leg jeans and SKINNY jeans. The waist is simple and high-rise; both the zipper and pockets are hidden.






FLARE jeans are cut closer around the thighs than WIDE LEG jeans, but they share the very wide, flared hem at the ankle. These are also known as “bell-bottom” jeans.






GAUCHO pants are like the Spanish version of the modern CAPRI! These chic trousers are the same length as CAPRIS, but they are cut loose down the thigh and flare at the hem around the knee.





This pants style is very popular today and is noted for the extremely low-cut in-seam. The fabric is usually gather so that they are loose around the waist and thighs, and the hem at the ankles is snug to give these a tapered look.






HOT PANTS are a very short and snug-fitting style of shorts! They are another popular style in today’s fashion. A perfect fit and style for warm weather days!






A loose and comfortable style of pants, JOGGERS are great for exercise and mobile comfort! They’re often made of knit materials so that they stretch and come with loose, deep pockets. The hem fits snug around the ankle for functionality.

In more recent shows, JOGGERS have been seen paired with heels and fashion shoes!





JUMPSUITS are more of a one-piece design like CARPENTER pants, and what these pants lack in functionality they make up for with style!

JUMPSUIT pants are often cut loose along the body and are cinched at the waist to help highlight one’s figure without sacrificing comfort. A fabric like chiffon or a knit paired with a lining can make this style amazing.






LEGGINGS are another popular form of trouser-wear these days. You can find these in both thinner and thicker fabrics, and they’re often worn with long shirt dresses or dresses in general. They’re a petite way of dress as they conform and fit snug around the legs from waist to ankle.

These are also often made of stretch fabrics like knit or even neoprene and have false pockets or zipper flies.





These pants take the wide hem even further than the WIDE LEG jean! PALAZZO pants are a loose and comfortable design that boasts an extremely wide hem at the ankle.

Because of their loose cut, they flow easily and look very elegant when worn, and are made out of fabric that is breathable, which makes these great for wearing in warm weather!






PEGGED pants are trousers that are cut very full in the waist and thigh areas and taper to a cuff or gathered ankle.

There is little embellishment at the top (like jeans have) which helps focus attention to the unique shape of its cut!






Originally designed to be worn by navy men, SAILOR pants boast a comfortable WIDE LEG hem and signature buttoned flap in the front.







A SKORT is the best of two worlds; it is a pair of shorts that has a panel of fabric over the front which makes it look like a skirt! This design can also just be a skirt with a pair of shorts hidden underneath.

These are great for fashion-goers who want the look of the skirt but are more comfortable being fully covered.






STIRRUP pants get their name from the stirrup bottoms. These were made with the thought in mind to avoid pants from riding up when wearing boots or other mid- to high-calf shoes.

These are close-fitting around the thigh and taper further down to the ankle.




SWEAT PANTS are the ultimate comfort pants! Loose down the entire leg and either cuffed or tapered only slightly at the ankle, these are a beloved style for casual occasions and workouts.







And lastly, we have the YOGA pant! These are a more modern design as well, and while they are never made from stiff fabrics like jean or twill, YOGA pants do have a similar silhouette to the FLARE jean!

The cut is close at the thigh and flares out at the ankle for ease of mobility. Along with SWEAT PANTS, YOGA pants make for great workout attire!








That’s it on pants for now! See how many different kinds there are? This isn’t even all of them! What are your favorite styles of pants? How do you like to dress them up in your own style?